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Hi, I'm Caye and I'm a full-stack web developer since 2018.

If you'd like to reach out, email me at ↗.

Featured: Prescribe Me Books 📚

A screenshot of a book quiz website — the page features a form asking for the user's name, and their 'chief complaint' — a choice between Tired, Grief-stricken, and Lost in life

A GatsbyJS quiz app using Airtable to source its data, the website is a mock "consultation" with Dr. Libby who specializes in prescribing books for your ailments. Read More →

Experience 💼

TELUS International Philippines (Sep 2021 - present)

HTML/CSS/Javascript ReactJS Redux NodeJS Express GraphQL Jest React Testing Library GCP Logging PostgreSQL Adobe Analytics Jira Confluence Mentoring, Interviewing, Event Planning
Contributes to a React/NodeJS CRM application used by 15,000 agents globally, in lieu of multiple in-house legacy applications
  • Fulfills full-stack responsibilities, including UI implementation, data fetching, software testing (Jest, RTL, Node Tap), API design and implementation, documentation, logging for app monitoring (Google Cloud), and streamlining reporting data (Adobe Analytics)
  • Coordinates with API service owners and business analysts to ensure technical bases are covered prior to development, and collaborates with co-devs in implementation and code reviews
  • Other roles include: mentoring/teaching interns and colleagues in upskilling programs, conducting technical interviews for recruitment, and hosting general assemblies and helping plan team events

MedGrocer (Jun 2018 - May 2021)

HTML/CSS/Javascript ReactJS Redux GatsbyJS GraphQL Python Django Firebase Google Apps Script AWS Cognito Heroku PostgreSQL Airtable CMS Figma
Helped wireframe, prototype, develop, launch, and maintain healthcare delivery platforms for ~200,000 patients and ~300 partner institutions
  • Fulfilled full-stack responsibilities in creating websites for logging clinic visits, parsing CSVs, processing appointment requests, and displaying disease surveillance dashboards (using Recharts ↗)
  • Coordinated with business unit officers and managed IT & design needs for corporate health initiatives, and helped create IT roadmaps and newly discovered tools in weekly/monthly meetings
  • Automated internal admin systems for workflows like timekeeping, payroll processing, and billing; procured hardware needs and set up devices for remote staff

See LinkedIn ↗ for more details.

Education 🎓

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